In this body of work, Gabrielle Jones explores paint in the material, sensual as well as psychological sphere and the interaction between the internal and external world of the artist.

“There is a freedom and ease in these new paintings. I’ve broken down all the ‘shoulds’ and barriers and just painted and painted. I have tried to remain curious, responded to the work, and relaxed. I’m exploring what paint does – trying to push my repertoire and skills and get out of my own way. I’m doing what I want in the moment and letting the painting, with years of practice and observation of art, take the lead and tell me what it needs. I’m not trying to make a statement or change the world, but entering in to a contract with the painting itself to answer the calls it makes on me, while expressing feelings and ideas that occur whilst painting. 

“The resulting works evince expressionistic images that lie at the turning point where pure abstraction becomes figuration, and vice versa, giving ideas solid form. In the end, the work is a call to the viewer to enter into the poetry and reality of making art, to collect their mental and sensual responses to the different works -to understand, enhance or orchestrate their sense what it is to make art and specifically, poetic abstract art”.

This project was assisted by a grant from Create NSW, an agency of the New South Wales Government. The NSW Artists’ Grant is administered by the National Association of the Visual Arts.


Hymns to a Passion – Watercolours

Hymns to a Passion – Sculptures