“In painting, as in music and literature, what is called abstract seems to me the figurative of a more delicate and difficult reality, less visible to the naked eye.” Clarice Lispector, internationally acclaimed Brazilian novelist and Fashion Journalist.

In “Wicked Games” I have been playing games with the elements of painting -mark, materiality and colour, to mimic in process (and in an effort to access) the “essence” of my experience of this world. Paint records action and action provides conduit for thought, colour reflects emotion and, particularly, joy; until a way of being in time, in the world, in the studio, is expressed at its most fundamental. Space/place; movement/time; chance and control; the joy of the studio experience and the untethered wanderings of the artist’s mind when interacting with the world, are made in paint.

A sort of collage effect is achieved, reflecting the “stitching together” of thoughts, actions, experiences, images, music and social media into a whole and complete picture that is very personal and real; a deeper but non- objective truth, recording the series of moments, movements and decisions occurring during the making of the painting; the play in the studio.


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