The Other Art Fair, Melbourne

These works were exhibited in the inaugural Melbourne version of the highly successful,The Other Art Fair. My work was chosen from amongst 300+ applicants by the huge international (Australian) Art Star, Patricia Puccinini, amongst other Art Luminaries. The Other Art Fair was held May 4-7, 2017.
See installation here
All these works, except 30x30cm paintings, are now available at:
West End ArtSpace,
175-185 Rosslyn Street
near the corner of Spencer Street and Rosslyn Street (Walk up the ramp at Tait Ln cafe)
West Melbourne, Victoria
Contact Anna: 0415 243 917 or email

What excites me and generates the painting is an awareness of movement and the patterns in nature, the belief in an interconnectedness of things as well as pure enjoyment of the formal elements of painting- line, space, form and colour.

My images map movement and the energy between things in an environment and try to pin down the feeling, the elemental and otherness in nature rather than a natural image. Hence, the recording, in “abstract” terms, of the experience.My work documents the thoughts, emotions and movements in the very moment of painting.

The Process has developed into an exploration where spontaneity, chance and play are next to considered time-based events- where you get chaos and movement juxtaposed alongside more sober considered mark making.

The latest paintings are exploring a synthesis of classical drapery from Renaissance and Mannerist eras or still life in master’s paintings; and contemporary abstraction.

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