NWW (New Work Wednesday) – Small and Precious part 1

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015
NWW (New Work Wednesday) – Small and Precious part 1

Last week my paintings expressed the moody blues, but before that I was still in love with my Spring time garden, and painting it often!
I have been mixing up the scale of paintings every few weeks or so. This has a number of artistic purposes:
it keeps things fresh.
Each scale of painting has its own problems and solutions, and one of these is to change brushes. As a practice, it’s a good idea because it keeps the need to vary my brush sizes front of mind – especially important for an abstract painter.
I can experiment with less consequences.
A smaller painting costs less for the materials (canvas, paint etc) and that means I tend to paint without too many restrictions. Some of these paintings end up in exhibitions, and some are duly buried or painted over. This may have great consequences for my work – a change that was lying beneath the surface while painting large works, may evolve on a smaller work.It’s not the same to paint on paper, which is another option for this, but I also use paper for that purpose (as you may have seen from the number of works on paper I now have on this site)
the comparatively larger brush strokes to the size of the painting serve as a reminder of the beauty contained in large brushwork – so I usually increase the size I may normally have used in larger works.
-and more prosaically, it means that those who can’t afford a larger work, can have available smaller works to take home -a purely financial decision necessary for artists to make a living.
So here’s some little gems – enjoy! There’ll be more next week.


Quick Release, 30 x 30cm Oil on Canvas $650


Amazing Grace SOLD 45 x 45cm Oil on Canvas $1100


I Haven’t Forgotten 30 x 30cm Oil on Ply Mounted $650


Flourish 45 x 45cm Oil on Canvas $1100


Deliverance 30 x 30cm Oil on Ply mounted %650

Beckon 45 x 45cm Oil on Canvas $1100

Sun Dance Oil on Canvas Framed in white Lime Box Frame $650


Broken Embrace 40 x 40cm Oil on Canvas Framed in white Lime Box Frame $900

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