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Gabrielle Jones – Fevered Spill and Marking Time SOLD – oil on canvas – 60 x 60cm PRICE


  1. Jennifer Shayler
    August 17, 2015

    I love Fevered Spill and Marking Time. do you have anything similar?

    • Gabrielle Jones
      August 17, 2015

      Hi Jennifer. I have larger paintings that I will email you shortly (not on web) and Shadow Play 101 x 101cm (www.gabriellejones.com.au/project/shadow-play/); and two smaller works – The Muses II 30 x 30cm (/project/the-muses-ii/) and Segue (/project/segue/) and Rhythm N Blues 45 x 45cm (/project/rhythm-n-blues/). The only 60 x 60cm I have are: Autumns Reach (/project/autumns-reach/, Dream a Little Dream (/project/dream-a-little-dream/) and Soft Embrace (/project/soft-embrace/) . You can also search on this website by entering the Title on bottom RHS and when found, clicking on the search result. It will take you to the picture and details. I can always do a commission for something similar.


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