Ways to make art the hero of your room

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017

Add a sophisticated focal point to your interior spaces by using artwork to catch the eye of all who enter. Here’s how
Rebecca Gordon, Houzz Magazine 23 April 2017 sees Art as the hero of the home.
Artwork is one of the most invaluable assets in the world of interior design, adding colour and pattern in a unique way. It’s a chance to show creative flair and express your taste and individuality, so don’t play safe by choosing works that will recede into your design scheme – make your art choices an extension of your personality. Browse these 10 examples to see how statement art can truly transform a space.
Play with abstract
Abstract art has great impact by its very nature, characterised by bold gestures and striking colour. In this interior, functionality and creativity blend together, as the pared-back furnishings help to offset the expressive energy of the canvas, so they don’t compete for attention.

Beach Totems (Noumea) – oil on canvas – 152 x 122cm here

A playful abstract like this can bring your space to life, while showing off your personal taste, so give it centre stage and let it set the tone for the room. Dabble with shape

Unconventional in format, panoramic pieces can fill all manner of spaces and draw the eye across your room. You could hang one above a mantelpiece, or over the headboard of a bed, or use it to adorn a long corridor or to create a feature wall in a living room. However you use it, a panorama will complement any feature furnishing and really set your room apart.

Folded Garden Series: Desire – ink and acrylic on paper construction – 59 x 192cm here

Framing a panoramic piece can be an expensive task, often requiring a bespoke frame, but it will give maximum impact. Or to emulate the effect without the expense of framing one large image, you could hang a series of works in a row.

Original Works on Paper Strutter and Recog both Acrylic and Gesso on Fabriano paper – 70 x 50cm here

India Cha Cha 50 x 50cm Oil and Acrylic on Canvas here

Terraneous 50 x 50cm Oil and Acrylic on Canvas here

A Rose is a Rose 50 x 50cm Oil and Acrylic on Canvas here

Viking Surrender 50 x 50cm Oil and Acrylic on Canvas here

Sunday Brunch 50 x 50cm Oil and Acrylic on Canvas here
Installation view, Ambience Projects Exhibition, Brisbane September 2016. Search the exhibition here

Abstract artworks are the perfect accompaniment to an array of interior styles and decor schemes. Whether you wish to coordinate with the contemporary or clash with the classical, a bright and bold abstract piece will complete your space and add energy to your home.

Commissioned by the Director of Hub Furniture Sydney and Melbourne, here is one set of 12 paintings in their Sydney Showroom, hung together to add life to the walls. These sold out in three weeks, along with another 12 paintings in their Melbourne Showrooms. You can find similar works here, there will be more coming to Hub in Sydney and Melbourne in July 2017 (larger at 40x40cm);  or commission Gabrielle direct to have your own set.Read about commissions here


OR -Keep it neutral
Abstract artworks needn’t be a multi-coloured mass of movement. Many artists stick to neutral or earthy colour palettes that will bring warmth and elegance to a room. This particular work is richly textural, drawing the eye away from the smooth-edged, modern furnishings and creating a new focal point.

When styling with abstract art, don’t feel obliged to prioritise bright colours. Instead, try identifying the key tones in your chosen room and coordinate a specific piece or series of works accordingly.

This painting, Wild Thing Sold to one of Australia’s top interior designers. You can find Similar here

Sweet Surrender – acrylic on canvas – 152 x 122cm)

A one off, customArt print made from a Painting: Find the painting here And details re Designer custom Art Prints here

Compulsion – oil and acrylic on canvas – 152 x 101cm. Find it here

Sirens Song 162 x 172cm Oil on Canvas. Find it here

The Sprit Lives 45 x 45cm Oil on Canvas  Find it here

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