Juice is the working title for an exhibition by invitation that I will have in Umbertide, Italy and, hopefully, at a Museum in the area (TBC). The Exhibition extends from June 5 till July 22, 2017 at Gallery Grefti. Vernissage (or Official Opening) is on Friday June 9th At Gallery Grefti, 6-9pm (Contact me for details and an invitation if you are in the area).

This exhibition includes a selection of artworks created in 2016/7 from new paintings to work displayed in my exhibitions “Roaming” (Katoomba NSW), Wicked Games (Sydney) and at Walcha Gallery (NSW). I like my art to show the layers of where I’ve been and the thoughts and process of how I got there – to have the experimentation and introspection built into the composition. This exhibition will show, by collecting works over a period of time, a history of the histories in my paintings of recent times.

The title “Juice”refers to the need in my practice to get to an elemental truth of what the world is like (from one artists point of view) in 21st Century, through paint. My most successful artworks (and many are displayed here), capture the synergy of movement, musicality and process. When these elements come together in the studio, it is sheer joy – to me, painting is the “Juice” of life.

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