This exhibition riffs on the art I was seeing in trips to India, Italy and France this year, particularly religious art and that from the Baroque and Rococo eras. It reflects the “busy”ness of contemporary life and travel; as well, I hope, as the lushness and beauty of the surfaces, colours, textures, subjects and spiritual elements of Western painting traditions that I was seeing daily. As an abstract painter, I was connecting the abstract entities such as gods with the “otherness” or effect of experiences I seek to convey when painting. In particular, I began to reflect on the importance and prevalence of deities in Canonical art of different cultures, the role of veneration, education and inspiration that such subjects played in the past; and how this contrasted with subjects in contemporary art and a culture where the “self” (or “selfie”) is paramount.

Jones draws upon the fundamentals of “Maximalism” with a “more is more” approach as she fills the paintings to the brim with unscripted lines that dance in and out of view. The layering of colour pushes deep tones back and pulls lighter marks forward, giving a sense of ambience in a weightless space. The spaces in between the travelled lines are the moments of quiet in works which speak volumes. She gives the viewer so much more it is impossible to stand before the work without a quiet moment of awe.”

Sarah Randal, Curator, “I Wanna Be Adored”

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