Gabrielle Jones – Europa – 101 x 152cm, oil and acrylic on canvas

As a process-based abstractionist and expressionist, my paintings serve as documentation of the performative act of painting, capturing the rhythm of movement, thoughts and recent experiences as they play out in front of the canvas. The work engages with colour and transparency to create depth, in a palette that borrows from those of the Old Masters.
Some works riff on the AGNSW Rembrandt exhibition and continue a body of work contemplating the surfaces, light and movement of the Baroque and Rococo art I saw in French and Italian travels in 2017.In particular, I began to reflect on the role of veneration, power, education and inspiration in their subject matter and how the grandeur of such subjects contrasts with contemporary art and culture where the “self” (or “selfie”) is paramount.”

Jones draws upon the fundamentals of “Maximalism” with a “more is more” approach as she fills the paintings to the brim with unscripted lines that dance in and out of view. The layering of colour pushes deep tones back and pulls lighter marks forward, giving a sense of ambience in a weightless space. The spaces in between the travelled lines are the moments of quiet in works which speak volumes. She gives the viewer so much more it is impossible to stand before the work without a quiet moment of awe.”

Sarah Randal, Curator, “I Wanna Be Adored”, WestEnd Art Space, Melbourne

“I Wanna be Adored Too” was on exhibition at ART2MUSE, Double Bay March 22-April 2

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