New! Gift Certificates –
Weddings, Parties, Anything

GJones_GiftCertificateOver the moon about the artwork and want to make a gift of it, but not sure which art work they’d love?

We have beautifully designed Gift Certificates to send to you or direct to the lucky recipients. Just send us a the name, contact phone number and mailing address (including post code) of where you’d like us to post your certificate. You can include the total value of the certificate, or select a few paintings for them to decide from. (We’ll send you images of the artwork, and keep them on hold for two weeks until they do decide!)
If this is for a special occasion, you can even include a personal message, which we’ll handwrite on a card for you to send or for us to deliver.


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Want a painting to celebrate a special occasion, that you’ll love for decades to come?

Here’s a great idea for Weddings, Anniversaries, Big “0” Birthdays and Retirement gifts.

Select the paintings you love, let us know you want a wish list, and we’ll make a special page for your guests to visit so they can see your selection and contribute using PayPal. They can choose the amount to gift and even add a personal message to pass on with your artwork, and we’ll keep a record and let you know the total so you can choose the final artworks!
If there’s more than expected collected for the artwork, we’ll let you know straight away so you can choose how to spend it. (Of course, we’ll show you the PayPal accounts so you know all the money is accounted for.)

You can even use the virtual home trial or ask for a seven day free home trial before listing the artworks!


Thanks for being so accommodating, Gabrielle. It’s been a pleasure working with you”

Vladana, Cremorne NSW

I can’t begin to describe the difference Gabrielle has made to our house. After only a couple of hours she transformed the whole look and feel of our place. She not only picked the right piece for the right place but also gave us advice on the appropriate height/ placement etc so that every piece looked just right. It would have taken my husband and I days to decide on where to put each piece and no doubt we’d still be arguing! With Gabrielle it was easy and fun. I couldn’t wait to ask my friends over to show them how fabulous our place looks. Gabrielle was the best investment we’ve made for a long time.”

Lucinda, Rozelle NSW

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