Second Curatorial Project – Gesture exhibition

Posted by on Sep 3, 2014
Second Curatorial Project – Gesture exhibition

Yesterday installed the second of my curatorial projects for Coorah Contemporary Art Gallery, Blue Mountains Grammar School. Entitled Gesture, the Exhibition brings together thirteen artists from Sydney and the Blue Mountains, across various paintings styles from abstract to realist. Artworks include paintings, ceramics, drawings, sculpture and embroidery.

Exhibiting artists examine the role or absence of gesture in their work and include Susan Baird, Anthony Cahill, Adrienne Doig, Kate Dorrough, Coco Elder, Clara Hali, Julie Harris, Josh Honeyman, Pollyxenia Joannou,
Mathew Lynn, Rowen Mathews, David Middlebrook and Neil Taylor, many of whom are represented by some of Sydney’s top Commercial Art Galleries such as Martin Browne (Adrienne Doig), The Hughes Gallery (Julie Harris), Art House Gallery (Susan Baird, Kate Dorrough) and Wagner Art Gallery (Neil Taylor) and Conny Dietschold Gallery (Polly Joannou).

The official opening is on Saturday 13th September from 2-5pm and you’re all invited
Here’s some images of the installation


Foreground: ceramic by Kate Dorrough, Background: Refuge Bay by Coco Elder; Moondancers by Neil Taylor; Very Interesting (Lone Star) by Adrienne Doig


L_R Drawing “Crouching Woman” and Sculpture “Renaissance Men” by Clara Hali; Marking the Terrain by Kate Dorrough; Refuge Bay by Coco Elder


Foreground: ceramics by Kate Dorrough; Background L-R: Drawing and sculpture by Clara Hali; “Jervis Bay Rockledge” and “Grose Valley” by Rowen Mathews.


Foreground: ceramic by Kate Dorrough; Background: “Sans Titre” by Julie Harris; “Evening Hill End” and “Hill End”by Susan Baird


L-R: “The Yard”  and  “Untitled (There it is Again)” and by Anthony Cahill; and drawing and painting by Julie Harris


“Tilt” by Pollyxenia Joannou and “The Apprentice” by Mathew Lynn


Foreground: Ceramics by Kate Dorrough; Background L_R:”Low-tide, Rising waters – Refuge Bay” by Coco Elder; “Yellow
Field” and “Morning Field” by David Middlebrook


Installation View, Gesture


L-R: “Moondancers” painting by Neil Taylor, “Very Interesting (Lone Star)” and “Sewing Sketch” by Adrienne Doig

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